Marriage Counseling to stop divorce in Boise Idaho

      Perhaps you have landed on this page because you are in a marriage or a relationship with someone you care for and things are not going as well as you would like. This can happen for a variety of reasons. Each relationship is unique, with it's own strengths and weaknesses. If you are looking for marriage counseling to stop a divorce in Boise Idaho, please contact my office by email or telephone to set up an appointment. If you are looking for marriage counseling or couples counseling to strengthen your relationship so that you will not come to this point, that is also a common topic for counseling. Again, please contact my office to set up an appointment.

      Common issues addressed in counseling include how to let your significant other know that you care for them in a way that is meaningful to them, how to build greater intimacy in your relationship, how to communicate in a positive way, how to reduce conflicts and arguments, how to set boundaries with your spouse, and what issues are your responsibility versus their responsibility.

      Sometimes we find that our relationship or marriage is not going to work. Even if you have decided to end your relationship, you may feel afraid to let it go. This is not an easy process. Counseling during a divorce or break up can help you to deal with this difficult transition. It can offer you and your significant other a safe place to discuss your feelings, to build skills to co-parent your children after the split, and to help create a new vision for a life that looks different than what you had originally planned for.